Episode 23 - Projects and Products Galore

Mike and Gareth burn a little midnight oil to record this episode in the CCI shop.  Topics include:

  • The Scenic Automation Handbook is finally published!
  • ETC Foundation Control with Pushstick winches
  • ESPN's new studio has some new machinery
  • Bunch of new people have joined the CCI team
  • Mike and Rada have been busy on the road
  • Documentation
  • Spikemark 4 features
  • Stage Manager and Stagehand Architectural and Pendant
  • Collaboration with Thern
  • Our new machine shop

Episode 8

Gareth and Royal discuss the basics of acceleration, velocity, and the math that goes along with it. They then wrap up their discussion about Nord gearmotors from a couple of episodes back. The episode is wrapped up with a quick discussion on the Showstopper 3 system and Spikemark 3.3. 

Episode 6

In this week's episode Gareth and Royal discuss the differences in fabrication versus manufacturing for both the mechanical side and electrical side. The episode is finished up with a quick discussion on what is in Gareth's and Royal's backpacks and tool bags when they hit the road for a gig.