Episode 6

In this week's episode Gareth and Royal discuss the differences in fabrication versus manufacturing for both the mechanical side and electrical side. The episode is finished up with a quick discussion on what is in Gareth's and Royal's backpacks and tool bags when they hit the road for a gig. 

Episode 5

In this week's episode, Royal and Gareth discuss some feedback on CAD tools from last week's show and then finish the CAD chat with a look at EDA tools for circuit design.  Next up, they chat about the shop test of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rig heading out to Colorado.  Finally, they wrap up with a quick look at the new Mitsubishi A800 VFD.

Links from the show:

Video of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rig shop test

Vectorworks Circuit Tools

Osmond PCB


Eagle CAD

Digikey EDA Tools

Mouser Tools

Altium CircuitMaker

Altium CircuitStudio

Mentor Graphics

Altium Designer



Gerriet's Cargo XL Track

Ralmark Commercial Pulleys


Mitsubishi VFD's




Episode 3

Royal and Gareth revisit NORD gearmotors and discuss the advantages and disadvantages compared to SEW.  Next up, they discuss different uses for the Stagehand FX.  And then they finish with some advice for stage technicians that want to learn a little more about programming.